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VIP Sessions

It's time to break up with your procrastination.

How many times have you told yourself "I'll do that next week?" If the answer is more than once, you are in the right place.

I often find entrepreneurs get stuck wondering when they will find the momentum to finish their passion project. I'm here to tell you that all it takes is the click of a button. 

VIP Sessions are the perfect way to get you intentional support to move the needle on business projects within 4 hours. Whether it's helping you optimize your current systems, content planning for the next quarter, or creating standard operating procedures for your growing team - here, you won't just find strategy, you will find implementation.

VIP Sessions are designed to be both minimal time and maximum impact.

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Intake Process

To ensure our time together is as efficient as possible, you will begin the process by filling out a VIP Session Intake Form. This form gives me everything I need in order to best support you including project goals, systems access, and important deadlines.

Upon submitting the form you will pay your invoice and then select the date of your VIP Session.

Session Start

On the day of our VIP Session, we will kick off our session together on Zoom. We will dive into the projects and get clear on the objectives.

If you have chosen a done-with-you VIP Session, we will collaborate and work independently throughout the session. Don't worry, we throw in breaks for stretching and snacks (honestly, so important!)

If you prefer a done-for-you service, I will send you on your way to enjoy the day! Hit the beach, go to the spa, and I'll take it from here.


VIP Access

As a VIP you will have direct access to me throughout our entire session. This time is 100% dedicated to you and your business. Most VIP's prefer Zoom but if text or Voxer is more of your jam, that works too!

At the completion of our session, you will continue to get all-access Voxer support for one week to ensure the implementation is a success.

Personalized Recommendation Review

We will wrap up our VIP Session with a 30 minute recap call where we review the progress that was made and define the next steps in order to continue the momentum we created in our time working together.

You will get a follow-up email with all files, documents, and research that was completed during the session.

Reviewing for the Exam
VIP Sessions: Services

Yeah, you know that thing you've been procrastinating?

We're working on it, together.

VIP Sessions: Text


  • 4 Hour VIP Session 

  • 1 week of all-access Voxer support

  • Special treat for our session

Your Investment: $597 ​

Bundles to get extended support:

2 Sessions: $1300

3 Sessions: $1750

All bundles include one month of Voxer support!

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