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What Can An Online Business Manager Do For My Business?

Well, you're in the right place! I often hop on discovery calls with potential clients who are new to outsourcing. "I've never done this before!" they say, as they don't know what to expect throughout the process. Many times, these entrepreneurs have been a one-woman show in their business for years, but they have gotten to the point where they are seeking out support with the time-consuming tasks that are becoming a dreadful burden.

Online Managers can help you...

Scale - You have gotten to the point in your business where you physically cannot make any more money because of time constraints. An Online Business Manager can help you get new verticals or arms of your business off the ground. With that, you need someone to hold you accountable to be working on these projects throughout your week, as we all know, the projects you do for yourself as so easily pushed aside for client needs.

Are you going to be offering a new group coaching program? Or selling online courses? You will want to find an Online Business Manager who specializes in launches to help you through this process and help you organize your project timeline. An OBM will help lead you on the road to more financial freedom.

Optimize - You have current systems and processes in place that just aren't cutting it for your growing business. I find that business owners often have a lot of their processes in their head, but it isn't on paper. If you want to spend a week long vacation in the sun, how is anyone supposed to know what to do to keep your business running? It is important to document these standard operating procedures and find ways that you can automate them.

One thing I specifically like to help automate is emails, it can be very time consuming to send standard emails to clients and continue following up with them. I help implement CRM's and email marketing systems that are a completely hands-off way to optimize your follow up processes!

Strategize - Not only can an Online Business Manager complete tasks for you, but they also can help come up with new and improved tasks to move your business forward. During weekly 1:1 sessions with my clients, I like to offer up new ideas and approaches. The right Online Business Manager will serve as a Business Partner, as they want to ultimately see the same successes that you do!

Where do Online Business Managers hang out?

Great question! This online space is unique in that many people don't hang out on job boards. You can find Online Business Managers in various Facebook Groups, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Some people will also post and find their freelancers on websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. I have never had any experience on these types of sites, but I do know that option is available.

What is the cost to get an Online Business Manager on my team?

Well, as Online Business Managers are self-employed, everyone's pricing structure may look a little different. You will most likely find that most OBM's sell their services in hourly packages or task-orientated packages, each of which renew monthly. Meaning, they are either committing to a certain amount of hours or they are committing to completing X, Y and Z tasks for you throughout the month.

You also may find OBM's who sell project packages, meaning that they will work on the task until it is complete and it does not require a monthly retainer.

No matter what type of pricing structure they may have, be prepared to pay for your OBM's services up front!

I know I want to outsource, but how do I know if I'm ready?

I'd say it's pretty simple, if you are working late nights, early mornings, and missing out on events with your family and friends, it's obvious that your small business has taken over your life. If you haven't taken a vacation in YEARS, it's also a sign that you need some support. If you have tasks that you are doing that are in your zone of incompetence, I would focus on finding someone who enjoys doing those tasks so you can focus on what you LOVE doing most.

I hope this helps you better understand what an Online Business Manager could do your business. If you'd like to learn more about my services, please feel free to schedule a discovery call with me to find out more!

Have an amazing week!


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