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The Launch Rollercoaster

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

What I refer to as "The Launch Rollercoaster" is really the series of high and low feelings you can have when you decide to make an exciting idea come to life.

First of all, what is a launch? Launches in the online business world mean creating a brand new service offering and and way in which people can work with you. Launches can include course, program and membership launches. I will write another post in the future on the differences and benefits of each of these. Stay tuned!

🤔 Usually this process starts because you are craving something new. Whether you want to help people, want another income stream, or you are ready to create a new leg of your business, you have the burning desire to do more, help more, and grow your business. Let the dreaming begin!

💡 In the ideation stage you are SO excited about the potential of this program/course. You start pulling together the framework for the program and start laying out how it will run.... but then... bam!

😔 Doubt kicks in. You realize how much work this will be, you wonder - who the heck would buy this?! You start to really question why you are doing this in the first place, completing discrediting your expertise and knowledge.

💨 Right before the second wind is when I meet a lot of my clients. They quickly realize the undertaking of the project and aren’t sure how the backend and client experience will flow. That’s where I come in! We work together, motivate each other, and really make sure this launch will be sustainable and valuable.

😦 Stage freight kicks in right before your launch. You ask yourself “Is the world ready for this?!” Have I taken into account every detail? Should I make last minute changes? Have I done enough lead gen? Once again, during this stage I see a lot of people completely discredit the time, love, sweat and tears that have been put into this offering. You can’t go into a launch with this mindset, so cheer up buttercup! The world needs this offering and you’re the face of it.

💃 Launch! This is the pivotal moment that your career has been leading up to. This is the time where your focus, motivation, and passion reach an all time peak as you are showing up for your clients and potential clients telling them about your irresistible offer.

As I work with female entrepreneurs, I am there to support them through every stage of this process. I have helped women come up with the talking points for the videos in their course, I have created large eBooks for their free challenges, and I have set up the back end of membership sites. As an Online Business Manager, I help women through the roadblocks, negative self talk, and procrastination that tends to creep in when working on longer term projects.

At the end of the day, it is important to prepare yourself for the emotions and feeling that may come up in each of these stages. When doubt kicks in, you can't throw all of your hard work and passion out the window. When stage freight kicks in, you have to remember why you started this process in the first place. To get through, I recommend that my clients develop positive reminders and affirmations when they are creating something so near and dear to their heart.

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