• Breanna Bortner, Owner

The Inevitable Shift to Online Business

When I stepped away from corporate America into the unknown, I stumbled upon this online community that I never knew existed. An online community where people can create programs, services, and solutions from the ground up. Where you can own a business that doesn't have a physical location or any employees on the payroll. The only commute in this community is from your coffee machine to your home office. Who knew such a thing existed?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many businesses to shift their operations from being based out of large corporate buildings to entrusting their employees to work from home with one main piece of technology, their laptop. So long as you have a strong wi-fi signal, you can accomplish everything you need to in your job. This shift to meetings and workshops being hosted on Zoom was one that took repetition to get the hang of. "Please put yourself on mute" is a phrase that we have all heard a lot as we have had to learn online meeting etiquette in real-time.

But what is most shocking, is that online-based businesses aren't new. The businesses that are first adopters in this community have been able to sustain themselves in this pandemic. In fact, these businesses saw exponential growth as many whom were laid off or had reduced hours, were searching Google for ways to "make money from home." This type of living is not reliant on many factors such as vehicle operational problems, weather, health, location, time zones, and child care. There is this flexibility and inclusivity that allow people to scale their business to a place of profitability b y being able to work with and attract audiences from all over the world.

No, this isn't a pyramid scheme or a scam. This is a beautiful community where everyone relies on each others strengths to come together to accomplish big goals. This means that industry leaders rely on other experts such as coaches, Online Business Managers, and virtual CFOs to help run their business smoothly. There is a strong need now more than ever for Social Media Managers, Content Creators and Virtual Assistants, as those with online businesses look to outsource their projects and tasks due to the heightened expansion of their business.

This is the perfect place for people who have big ideas and want to share them with the world, without the limiting factors of working in a corporate environment. Whether you currently own an online business or you are looking to transition into this space, welcome! I would love to be a partner and resource for you as you get set up in this space of limitless possibilities.

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