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How To Scale Your Business by Launching

So, you're ready to take the next step in your business, hey?

It is totally natural to get to a point where you want to offer something new to take your business to the next level. Whether you want to bring in extra income, help more people, or start a supportive community, there are many perks to launching a program, course or membership. Below, I will dig into the attributes and pros and coms of each!


If you have a journey that you want to bring your clients through, you are likely going to launch a program. Programs are either individualized (1:1) or group programs (1:many). Think of individual programs as a high ticket product (ooohhh.. so exclusive!) and group programs being a way to offer your support and knowledge for a very fair price!

Are you a heath coach that is going to bring someone through an 8 week journey to banish their bloat and feel confident in their skin? Are you a business coach that is going to prepare newbie entrepreneurs to launch the business of their dreams?

Pros: Since programs are high touch, you will in turn be able to sell these offerings for higher prices. You will be able to provide drastic change by working directly with these people!

Cons: Your time is much more limited when selling 1:1 programs. There are only so many clients you can take on at a given time.


If you have knowledge that you are ready to share with the world in an online classroom format, then you should launch a course. A course is a way for you to teach your expert topics to a group of eager listeners. A course is technically an online classroom portal with different units including video lessons, resources, and homework for accountability. Many people also offer a free supportive community on Facebook along with their course.

Are you a lead generation expert wanting to tell people the tricks of the trade without having to outsource? Do you want to help other female entrepreneurs pivot their business by showing them exactly how you built you empire?

Pros: A course is also a great way to earn evergreen income. Once your course is made, only small tweaks are needed here in there and you can be more hands off! From your clients perspective, they can enroll in a course to learn about something, that they would otherwise have to outsource on a monthly basis. This will save them A LOT of money in the long run.

Cons: Creating and recording videos can be very time consuming. Whether you are using audio, visual, or both, you will want to set aside several months to create the meat and potatoes of course (the lessons!) There are also two types of people: the type of people that love and invest in courses, and they people that don't. Mainly, people object to online courses because they don't feel disciplined enough to complete them on their own.


Do you want to share resources and support to a community eager to learn from you? A membership is a great way for people to get access to you and your knowledge.

Are you an Accountant who can support people through hosting expert trainings and educational trainings on best practices? Are you a web designer that wants to empower others to maintain and update their website?

Pros: Can I hear you say "reoccurring monthly income?" That's right! Memberships are a nice way to make an income without a large time commitment. Depending on your membership structure, you may host a few trainings or Q+A's a week, but you also can bring in other experts to support your community!

Cons: In order for your membership to be successful, you need it to be sustainable. With that, you need to set clear boundaries about how you show up for everyone in your membership, and when.

What type of launch would you like to have in 2021? Tell me in the comments below!

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