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Elevate Your Team with a VA or OBM

As high-achieving female entrepreneurs prepare to elevate their team, they may consider adding a Virtual Assistant (VA), Online Business Manager (OBM), or both! As there is a time and place for both, it's important to look at the key features of each to see what will best suit you and your current needs.

Disclaimer: These are merely my opinions and observations after working in the industry as both a Virtual Assistant and currently as an Online Business Manager.

First, to determine what type of service provider you need, it will be important to lay out the tasks that you are looking to outsource. Put the pen to paper and see what types of tasks, projects, and initiatives come up for you. Once you're done, look for consistent themes.

Here is an example of items that might be on a job description:

VA Job Description:

  • Inbox Management

  • Graphic creation for Instagram

  • Copywriting for marketing emails

  • Sending client invoices

  • Uploading videos to Kajabi

OBM Job Description:

  • Overseeing project timelines

  • Developing promotional strategies for new offers

  • Preparing for upcoming launches

  • Dubsado CRM system maintenance

  • Delegating tasks to other contractors

Do you see the differences here? VA's are usually managing tasks while OBM's manage projects and people.

Now let's dive into a few other key differences between VA's and OBM's...


  • VA's tend to be more generalists who can take on a variety of tasks. Their main goals are to accomplish those things on your to-do list that you can't (or don't want to) get to.

  • OBM's may have a focus area that they specialize in such as marketing, launches, or systems. Yes, OBM's run tasks for you but they are more focused on the big-picture and they question how to make these tasks more efficient and aligned with your business goals.


  • VA's have a larger client volume that they support

  • OBM's mainly have a smaller client volume because of the extent to which they are involved in their clients business


  • VA's will have a set amount of tasks that they complete for you or a set amount of hours they dedicate to your tasks

  • OBM's have a vast scope of work that evolves along with your business objectives and goals

Working Style:

  • VA's are great to delegate tasks and to-do lists. Once they complete the tasks they will come back to you ready to take on more.

  • OBM's enjoy taking on larger projects that align with your business objectives. They will work alongside you as a partner to propose ideas, look into solutions, and troubleshoot along the way.

There are other major considerations such as your monthly budget, your business goals, and other contractors that you currently have on your team. But, my hope is this helped you get a running start and got you thinking about the possibilities that lie within outsourcing.

Whether you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager, either can be an amazing addition to your team!

If you have any further questions on this topic - I'd love to be a resource! Send me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram to chat.



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