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Create Content, Not Ads.

Every business owner needs to sell, but not every business finds immediate success online. Connecting with consumers on the online marketplace can be confusing, overwhelming, and oh-so complicated. Trying to solve the algorithm for social media is a lose-lose battle because once you think you have it figured out, it changes.

When you have an offer that you are ready to share with the world, you need to carefully craft your messaging across your social media platforms. Creating sales post after sales post will lead to poor customer connection and cause them to lose trust in your brand identity. Instead, focus on creating authentic content for your online audience. Your audience wants to feel a personal connection to your product before making the decision to start spending their money.

"Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you."

Quote by Matt Goulart.

The three best types of posts for creating authentic ties with your audience are:

  • Connect

  • Inspire

  • Educate


Connection is vital to the engagement and growth of a business. Whether online or in-person, if your consumer doesn’t feel tied to your product or service, they will be less inclined to buy it. Creating a connection with your potential customer allows trust to form. Without trust, any sales pitch will feel inauthentic and forced, likely turning your customer away from your brand.

An example of a connection post would be showing the behind the scenes of how you get ready for work with two little ones at home. When you are sharing these types of personal posts, you will be instantly drawing connections to others. Connection is about making your brand as human as possible by being relatable to others.


Inspiration gives consumers a message to believe in. It allows them to see the impact of your brand beyond the products or services themselves. At it’s core, what does your brand do? How do you improve your client’s lives? How do you improve your clients business? What transformation will your clients experience by working with you?

An example of an inspirational social media post would be one of your clients' transformations (with their permission, of course!) You can explain how they felt before working with you, their challenges, how you helped them along their journey, and how they are feeling now. An inspirational post should bring your audience to see themselves in the shoes of your clients. It should give them hope for their future knowing that you are there to help them overcome their current challenges.


Consumers want to buy from someone who is an expert in their field. No one wants to buy a car from a vacuum salesman. Knowledge is power, especially online. Sharing your expertise with your consumer base allows them to not only trust that they're getting a good product or service, but it allows them to understand the value of your services.

To educate your audience, you should create informative posts that will help your audience get a better understanding of your industry. Of course, you are not here to unload all of your research and findings to them, but you can share small pieces of information that will actually be valuable to your ideal client. If you are a health coach, this could be information on supplement myths, when certain fruits or vegetables are in season, or the best types of tea for bedtime.

Many online business owners don’t understand why their social media posts don't convert to online sales. The problem with online content is that many business owners get caught up in creating flashy content. So many focus on the quantity of likes that they get, and forget to focus on the quality of the content they are sharing with their audience. Creating high quality content that connects, inspires, and educates creates a relationship with your customer that they will carry with them outside of their feed. The stronger their relationship with your brand the higher the conversion rate you will have with your promotional posts.

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