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A Peek Into My Launch Prep Services

"I...I...I just don't know where to start" is something I hear often from business owners whom are eager to launch their program, membership or course. You have ideas, wishes, and a vision - but you aren't sure how to move forward. Maybe you have attended webinars or downloaded a few free guides, but ultimately, you aren't sure what you're going to do with all of the information you have. Talk about inforcrastination! (Information + Procrastination = Infocrastination)

Insert - ME! An Online Business Manager and launch enthusiast that helps you plan and execute the tasks associated with your launch. My job is to get you to the finish line with ease. Here is how I do it:

  • Organization - This is the foundation of your entire launch. My job is to make this process as less chaotic as possible. I don't know anyone who thrives in chaos - do you? I help you organize your launch related tasks in a project management system so that we have a clear understanding of what needs to happen and when. This is how we dot our I's and cross our T's to make sure we are thinking of everything and setting realistic deadlines.

  • Task Management - WHO is going to own certain tasks? I will delegate launch-related tasks to your team and give them deadlines that align with our overall timeline. I work with your copywriters, graphic designers and Virtual Assistants to make sure everyone is on the same page. Depending on our agreement, I will also have tasks of my own, such as managing your Facebook Group or creating a lead magnet for you.

  • Accountability - There will also be tasks that you will likely need to complete for your launch. Sometimes this is just making a decision - such as agreeing on a quote from your copywriter, approving social media posts, and reviewing email marketing copy. It's so much easier to avoid tasks if you are making deadlines for yourself, but not so much when you are being tasked with things from your accountability partner (ME!)

  • Strategic Planning - YESSS! There is a lot of strategy that goes into content planning, marketing, and the free masterclass/challenge you host . We will work together to determine a strategy that is authentic to YOU and represents your brand well. We make each decision with your ideal audience and goals in mind.

Preparing for a launch can be overwhelming and push you outside of your comfort zone, but doing these types of things is always easier with someone by your side... it helps you feel less alone! I will be there with you every step of the way. From goal setting to launch day and everything in-between, it is my joy to see launches successfully take place for my clients.

Some of my clients even explain a "butterflies in the stomach" type feeling as they start to see their launch unfold. This is something that they have dreamed of for a while, and its suddenly becoming a reality!

Does this all sound amazing? Are you ready to see momentum with your launch while also avoiding burn out?

Take the next step and schedule a free discovery call! Let's see if we are good fit for each other and make this thing happen.

Happy launching!


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