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5 Ways to Prep Yourself for a Launch

You may start to feel that itch or tingling sensation when things are starting to change in your business. You feel yourself evolving and your mind racing with ideas that you want to implement, pronto. You are starting to ask yourself: What more can I do to serve my ideal client? How can I give my audience what they are looking for? Can I grow my business without trading each second of my time for money? How can my expertise help my audience overcome their current challenges?

These are all valid questions. When you are in this headspace, it's a clear indication that it's time to launch a new service! But instead of jumping the gun and finishing your story before it's written, it's important to take the time to prepare yourself for the road ahead.

While you of course can throw together a launch, I promise it's in your best interests to think strategically about your bandwidth, energy, and current clients. We can't neglect these areas and hope to see positive results in our business and life. Everything in the present can either work towards or against your future, so in my opinion - slow and steady wins the race.

1. Do Market Research

Market research should not be taken lightly. I see many business owners create their new offers based on things they want to do, without keeping their audience in mind. Your audience is the one feeding into your business goals, so you need to get input from them too.

I recommend developing a survey, jumping on exploratory calls, and posting in Facebook Groups to get real-time feedback from those whom may be interested in your offers. If you currently have your own Facebook group, utilize them to give you the answers to help create your offer from the ground up. All in all, market research ensures that your service will be valuable to help solve real challenges that your audience is experiencing.

2. Focus on Lead Generation

You can't pitch your new offers to a non-existent audience. You also can't continually reach out to the same group of people, you will eventually exhaust them. I suggest giving your email list and social media followers a little refresh to get warm leads before your upcoming launch. When I focus on lead generation, it usually means creating a new lead magnet. You may think a lead magnet is just a boring ole pdf. But in reality, a lead magnet can also be a spreadsheet, Google doc, checklist, or even a video where you offer a mini training!

3. Look at your full product suite

Before determining what type of offer you will launch, it's important to take a wholesome view at your full product suite. What types of services do you current offer? What types of services do you want to continue to offer? Are there any services you are looking to sunset? It is beneficial to have an array of services ranging from low to high ticket. Your product suite may look something like this.

  • Low Ticket - eProducts (like pre-made templates, checklists, guides, etc.)

  • Evergreen - Courses, Pre-recorded Webinars, eProducts (these are items that you make once and sell forever!)

  • Bread and Butter - These are your core services that make up the majority of your business revenue. This may be your 1:1 services, coaching or something else.

  • High Ticket - 1:1 and Group Programs

Once you take a look at your product suite, notice if there are any gaps to fill. You likely already have your core services well established, but you may need to focus on a low ticket, evergreen or high ticket offer to complete your product suite. This helps when you are launching, because if your offer doesn't work for someone, you have a variety of up and down sells to offer instead.

4. Look into offloading burdensome or monotonous tasks

Right before your launch, you need to assess your current tasks. Although you may enjoy doing certain tasks, they may be time consuming. One of my clients LOVES making workbooks in Canva, but she noticed that she was having so much fun that she would spend hours tweaking and designing workbooks for her programs. She recently offloaded these tasks to a VA so that she can focus more on the valuable content of the workbook instead of the aesthetics.

Overall, you need to determine where you time is served best and come up with a plan to offload tasks to a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager (hey, I know of a good one - too ;) )

5. Turn on your money mindset

If you don't believe that you are deserving of this change in your business, what makes you think it is going to happen? I recently spoke with a colleague who rearranged her pricing and product suite and is making $12k/month. She mentioned that she focused on envisioning her abundant future. She repeated mantra's to herself daily and wrote down money affirmations. While of course money isn't everything, it has a strong presence in our business decisions.

Turn on your positive money mindset and be open to receive the fruits of your labor.

I hope you found these launch prep tips helpful. By honing in on these core 5 areas before a launch, you will be able to ensure that you have positioned yourself to be well aligned with your new offerings.

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