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3 Attributes of a Stellar Workshop

2022 is here and many online business owners are eagerly putting together their plans for their annual workshops and events. It got me thinking, what key ingredients make for a stellar workshop offering?

There are many different ways to "workshop" these days and I love seeing the different creative and strategic approaches others are taking. No matter how many days your workshop lasts or how many dollars you spend on Facebook Ads, at the end of the day, the most important piece of your workshop is the content that you share with your attendees. But what type of content should you be sharing? Is it possible to share too much? Or too little?

These are all great questions.

I've helped various female entrepreneurs with their masterclasses, intensives, challenges, and other live events as an Online Business Manager. These experiences have helped me to determine what three attributes a workshop needs to be considered "stellar". Let's dive in!

It provides accountability

The messaging of the marketing for your workshop should address the current challenges of your ideal client. The market research that you conduct beforehand should allow you to have a very solid understanding of the challenges that your ideal clients face, as well as their needs and desires. Once you have a grasp on what your clients need to overcome, you should determine how your workshop can be a sense of hope and inspiration for those you want to serve. You want people to look forward to attending your event in anticipation of getting answers to their questions and direction with the challenges they have worked long and hard to overcome on their own (with little to no luck).

This means that it's essential for your workshop to include opportunities for attendees to be hot seated, ask questions, and receive helpful resources. They see you as the go-to expert in this space and will be looking to you to hold them accountable. I recommend assigning action work or homework to your participants each day of the workshop. Then, it's your job is to hold them accountable! Accountability is something they have lacked in the past and it will give them peace of mind knowing that they now have you on their team. Give them incentives for completing their action work and keep them coming back to the daily live events. This is important, especially for multi-day events!

It gives attendees a mini transformation

Many people have high expectations for themselves. Nobody wants to lose 1 lb., make $3, or write one sentence out of an entire book. But, what if your workshop could offer a "quick" win that helps your participants start to feel the excitement of change that is just around the corner?

I'm one of those people that has watched a documentary and can feel heavily influenced to want to change and be a better person after just 90 minutes. I have also attended conferences and workshop events where I feel like I am walking away as a new woman. It's a funny feeling, you can feel a surge of momentum inside of you, and you suddenly have excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead. You tell yourself "things will be different this time." This can be such a refreshing feeling for someone who has felt stuck or lost for some time now.

Map out what type of transformation you want your workshop attendees to undergo. Do you want to spark their creativity, boost their confidence, or shift their mindset during your time together? Just like how frozen yogurt shops give out free samples to allow you to make an educated decision on what flavor you want - give your workshop attendees a little taste of what it's like to work with you. Let them know that the best is yet to come!

It prepares attendees to be clients

Your workshop should be strategic in that you are priming the attendees to be part of your paid offers. Get them ready to be a client in your program, course, or mastermind group. Ask yourself...what do I want my dream clients walking in the door already knowing? Then, teach them that! Develop your workshop content in a way that will be supportive to individuals at all different levels - from beginner to novice. Give them a strong foundation of knowledge and resources that will help them accelerate their results.

At the end of the day, many business owners base the success of their workshops on numbers. You likely want a certain number of registrants, participants, and conversions following the event. I get it, you want to know that your time spent preparing this event was worthwhile. While my approach may not be targeted to numbers specifically, I know that incorporating these three attributes into your workshop will ensure that you are providing value and creating impact to your attendees. This alone will result in higher ROI so you know that your workshop format is stellar.

I myself have some exciting news! Starting in February 2022 I will now be offering VIP days to help you map out your upcoming launch in just 4 hours. If you have been eager to host a workshop or event but feel like you lacked the accountability before to get it done. I am here for you, every step of the way! If you'd like to learn more or join the waitlist - simply email me at

Happy workshop planning!

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